Askew Building reconstruction


For more than one year The Askew Building has been under construction. The entire interior was gutted: interior block walls as well as the ceiling and insulation were removed, plumbing was stripped of asbestos and scrapped, tiles were chipped up, walls were peeled off, windows were removed, electric and pneumatic systems cleaned out, floor broken up to rebuild the plumbing, front and back entries broken out and rebuilt, heating and air conditioning systems replaced, fence removed, parking area torn up and resurfaced, and the list goes on...

Only then did construction begin. Everything is new: windows, roof, heating and air systems, interior walls, all plumbing and electric, ceilings, awnings, front canopy and stucco work, front and back door systems, exterior paint, tile, and all the little details that make The Askew Building unique.

early exterior as we found it

early interiororiginal interior



t&s demohazard to your health

demo 3

demo 4 Tessa and Gale

building is finally emptied out and ready for construction.

frame Micah, Peter, Scott

micah Micah on fire